Michael C. Hughes 

I am a native of the Sonoran desert with a great love for the dramatic landscape of Arizona.  Feeling compelled to expound upon that love, I harkened to photography, inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and Elliot Porter.  It was natural for me to take to a camera as my father and grandfather were photographers, passing on to me some instinctual passion for capturing images on film.

As a student in 1978 at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona I learned the difference between “taking pictures” and “making photographs”.  I was introduced to the art and science of capturing light on film and translating it to an image on paper.  Since then I have been exploring, frame by frame, the process of visualizing something and conveying my idea about it with a photograph.  Along the way I have been fortunate to work with David Michael Kennedy in landscape photography, and Alan Ross and John Sexton, two long time printing assistants to Ansel Adams, in print making.

          Whether sitting in a café or on a river raft, I see what’s around me as photographic images.  How I view the world is revealed by my photographs.  They are recordings of my questions and understandings, and an expression of my sheer delight of creating with light.